Download GPX from 2017

Attention, this is the GPS track from the 2017th race which will different in some smaller parts from the 2018th track. We will publish the new version as soon as possible.

Short instruction for downloading tracks to a Garmin GPS (Tracks generated by TrackYou):

  1. Save the gpx file to computer
  2. Connect the GPS to the computer
  3. Open the GPS folder in the file manager on computer
  4. Copy the gpx file as You downloaded to a folder called GPX on the GPS.
  5. Exit the GPS from a computer
  6. Start the GPS
  7. Open "Track Manager" in the GPS
  8. Find out the correct track, which in this case is called TobbacoTrail something.
  9. Select "Show on map "and other settings you want to do (color on track, etc.)
  10. Clear, open map feature on GPS and unplug!

Track Description

Stage 1: Café Sport Luosavaara - Övre Soppero 90 km

Start at Café Sport, Luossabacken, Kiruna’s downhill ski slope.
Mushers will start at 2 minute intervals and follow the mountain edge, crossing the ski track and proceeding under Kurravaaravägen via a tunnel. At this point the trail heads towards the
Torne river, through another tunnel and all the way to the world famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. About 2.5 km after ICEHOTEL we go under Esrangevägen in a tunnel and arrive at Sautusjärvi, which is about 7 km across. After that, marshes, forests and small lakes follow to Lainioälven. The last 1.5 km is along the river before reaching checkpoint Upper Soppero 1 after 87 km.

Here is 6 hours of mandatory rest (plus time adjustment) for the Limited teams and 2 hours rest (plus time adjustment) for the Open teams.

OPEN TEAMS ONLY Stage 2: Övre Soppero - Saivomoutka, 80 km

Open teams start out on the river again and pass through Lannavaara after about 18 km, then Sudjavaara after about 58 km. Large parts of the stretch between Lannavaara and Sudjavaara are very open to the weather - little tree cover and there can be lots of fresh snow!

OPEN TEAMS ONLY Stage 3: Saivomoutka - Lannavaara, 65 km

Stage 3 is the same way back but instead of returning to Soppero, we have a new Checkpoint at Lannavaara. This makes the trail a little shorter than Stage 2.

The resting pot for Open teams is 6 hours to be taken as the Musher decides between Saivomuotka and Lannavaara checkpoints.

OPEN TEAMS Stage 4: Lannavaara – ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi, 85 km

LIMITED TEAMS Stage 4: Övre Soppero – ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi, 70km

The last stage joins the same way we started, returning to finish at ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi, but with an additional loop around the big lake of Sautus.

Total length is approx. 160km for Limited teams and 320km for Open teams.