6-8 April, 2024

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7-9 April, 2024


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Welcome to Tobacco Trail, a long distance sleddog race in the far north of Sweden. The origin of the race goes back to when two warm hearts wanted to share one cold place; sled dog professionals and enthusiasts Birgitta Fernstrom and Taisto Thorneus saw the potential of a race in their home town of Kiruna (famed for its Iron Mine) and Saivomoutka at the Finnish border. For locals, this path is best known for its use during WWII when smugglers would transport tobacco and other contraband goods between the borders, so it’s not hard to see how the race got its name “Tobacco Trail”.

These days, the race focuses around the town of Lannavaara and offers a fun, exciting and friendly competition for all mushers in the following categories:


  • 150km (approx.) for JUNIOR Class (6 dogs)
  • 150km (approx.) for Limited Class (6-8 dogs)
  • 300km (approx.) for Limited Class (8 dogs)
  • 300km (approx.) for Open Class (12 dogs)

Photo: Anna Öhlund