The Tobacco Trail race will have the same number of checkpoint stops, and approximately the same distances between stops, as last year. However, this year there may be some changes to the actual route and/or checkpoints. As soon as we can confirm these changes, we will publish the information. Lannavaara remains as the race base and as a significant checkpoint area.

Please note Due to reindeer in the area, we can only use the municipal snowmobile trail, so the race will turn go out and back on the same trail, with head-on passing. Please respect nature and keep your dogs under good control if you encounter reindeer!

Our race base is at Lannavaara and the race trail makes 1-3 loops starting/finishing at Lannavaara.


The village of Lannavaara is a 1.5 hour drive from Kiruna town/airport and will serve as our ‘race base’ as well as a checkpoint. Registration will take place at Lannavaara Lodge, where there is also accommodation available to rent for mushers/handlers very close to the main checkpoint. See ‘accommodation’ page for more information.

Kristallen, Lannavaara facilities –
 Guldvaskarvägen 4, 980 13, Lannavaara

Kristallen is Sweden’s leading educational centre for gemstones, gemology and jewellery making. It also has a fascinating shop with a large display of gemstones which is well worth a visit. Jenny at Kristallen is a keen supporter of the race and we are delighted to be partnering with them.

The long distance (300km race) Teams start at Aurora Mountain Lodge and the first stage is a loop following a trail to Sudjevarra (approx. 28km one-way) where there is a turn-around point to come back on the same trail back to Lannavaara (56km total). Stage 2 is a snowmobile trail leaving Lannavaara towards Lainio, with a turn-around point on the Lainio river approx. half way (47.5km one way) before following the same track back (total 96km). Stage 3 is along the Tobacco Trail to checkpoint Paksuniemi (70 km). Stage 4 (final stage) is along the same trail back to the Finish at Lannavaara. Total distance 292km.

Mandatory rest of 2-hours plus time adjustment is at Lannavaara 2. There is TOTAL 8-hours mandatory rest during the race.
It is not allowed to drop a dog at the turn-around points. Handler access is not possible at Sudjevaara or Lainio River. 

The mid distance (150km race) 
Teams will start at Aurora Mountain Lodge and go to checkpoint Paksuniemi  along the Tobacco Trail (70 km). Here you have to take the mandatory rest (6 hours) and time regulation.  Then back to Lannavaara and finish. Total distance 140km.

Checkpoints are control posts of the race. The musher must wear the bib number at all times, on the trail and at checkpoints. Handlers should wear a ‘handler’ bib while they are in the stake out area.



Mushers will receive straw and access to cold water for the dogs. Any dropped dogs will be taken care of handler. Mushers may receive help from their handlers braking, holding and steering the team to, and out from, marked checkpoint areas only. No other outside help is allowed, and handlers should stay behind the marked line whilst dog teams occupy the checkpoint area. The handler must rake the straw after its musher and team has left the checkpoint for the last time. Equipment and trash bags are provided by the organizer.

The race organisation reserves the right to withdraw its checkpoint officials after a reasonable amount of time has passed and the majority of teams have left the checkpoint area (teams will be told in advance if this is the case).