The Tobacco Trail Board is delighted to introduce a new trail and new checkpoints for 2020.

Please note
This year is special as we have tremendous amount of snow. For reindeer this increases the difficult for getting food and some herds get emergency feed in form of hay in places near (but not on) the trail. It means that we only can be on municipal snowmobile leader. The race will turn and go back down the same trail. We will try to make it as smooth we can, but there is a possibility that you will meet other teams.

Our race base is at Lannavaara and the race trail makes 1-3 loops starting/finishing at Lannavaara.


The village of Lannavaara is a 1.5 hour drive from Kiruna town/airport and will serve as our ‘race base’ as well as a checkpoint.

Kristallen, Lannavaara facilities
Guldvaskarvägen 4, 980 13, Lannavaara

Kristallen is Sweden’s leading educational centre for gemstones, gemology and jewellery making. It also has a fascinating shop with a large display of gemstones which is well worth a visit. Jenny at Kristallen is a keen supporter of the race and we are delighted to be partnering with them.

The mid distance (150km race) 
Teams will start at Lannavaara with one pass through a wilderness checkpoint at Lainio (47km, return = 94km) here there will be the chance to rest and leave a dog. Then back to checkpoint Lannavaara. Here you have to take the mandatory rest and time regulation. A second loop, 47 km after Tobaksleden and finish at Lannavaara (after 141 km).

The long distance (300km race)
Teams start at Lannavaara and Etapp 1. following the same route passing a wilderness checkpoint (47km, return = 94km) here you can take a rest and leave a dog. Going back to Lannavaara 1. Etapp 2. continue with a loop after Tobacco Trail against Sudijvaara (47km, return  = 101km). We will have people there when you turn, but there is no opportunity to leave a dog. Back to checkpoint Lannavaara 2. Etapp 3.  this is the same route passing a wilderness checkpoint, Lainio (47km, return = 94km ) here you must take all the mandatory rest and back to the finish at Lannavaara (289 km).

    General details

    • Registration takes place at Kristallen.
    • A ‘rest’ room is available to mushers during the race (for sleeping – bring your own sleeping bag).
    • Additional areas are available to mushers and handlers for relaxation where food and drink is available for purchase.
    • Items can be dried in the nearby (small) sauna room. The sauna is not for personal use, only for drying clothes/boots.
    • Live tracking will be on display in the relaxation area.


    This checkpoint will be officially manned by volunteers who will take the arrival and departure time of dog teams only. Teams will be provided with straw and access to cold water to prepare dog food but must bring everything else they require in the sled (such as booties, dog jackets and blankets). Dog food drops will be organised by the race officials.

    Mushers will have access to a communal tented area with fire or stove for coffee/tea and ‘fika’ snacks as well as limited places to rest. Mushers should bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Mushers should also bring their own personal food and cooker (if required).

    NO handlers are allowed at the wilderness checkpoint as it is not accessible by vehicle.

    It is possible to drop a dog at this checkpoint. They will be transported by snowmobile to the nearest road where they must be met by the handler team at the requested time. Mushers must only drop a dog if they can arrange pick-up with their handlers at a given time by the race officials, otherwise the dog must be transported to Lannavaara in the sled.



    Copyright © TORNE RIVER Sleddog Club 2020

    Official race photographer Anna Öhlund
    (Image copyright 2020 Anna Öhlund)
    Website by Sapphire Blue Web Design

    Copyright © TORNE RIVER Sleddog Club 2020

    Official race photographer Anna Öhlund
    (Image copyright 2020 Anna Öhlund)
    Website by Sapphire Blue Web Design