Maps & GPS

The Tobacco Trail Board has agreed on the same trail and checkpoints as last year, with only minor changes to the Lannavaara-Paksuniemi route on the big lake Sautos, close to Paksuniemi checkpoint. 

Tracks: (sent on email)
Lannavaara – Sudjivaara – return on same trail (300km – 56km total)
Lannavaara – Lainio – return on same trail (300km – 96km total)
Lannavaara – Paksuniemi (150km and 300km – 70km)
Paksuniemi – Lannavaara is the same trail

Please note, the best paper map of the entire trail is the Kiruna Kommun Skoterledkarta. It is available to buy at some shops and fuel stations in the nearby area, or you can order online at