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Participant list 2024

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150km Race

JUNIOR (6 dogs, maximum) 


LIMITED (8 dogs, maximum)

Gaynor Leeper, Sweden
Elke Keügel, Sweden
Laila C. Søberg, Denmark
Anni Järveläinen, Finland
Minna Rahko, Finland
Andreas Hansen, Norway
Frederic Desbree, France
Robin Antoine, France

300km Race 

OPEN (12 dogs, maximum)

Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, Sweden 

LIMITED (8 dogs, maximum)

Anouska Terlouw, Finland
Daniel Zoch, Sweden

Race Results Archive

Previous winners of the race are below. For a full set of results, click on the link that will open a new window.

150km Junior – Elvira Kieri, Sweden – Full results 150km Limited – Zbynek Hruska, Czech Republic – Full results
150km Junior Winner 2023 Elvira Kieri_annaohlund
300km Limited – Korian Hostens, Sweden – Full results 300km Open – Per Svedin, SwedenFull results
300km Limited Winner 2023 Korian Hostens_annaohlund 300km Open Winner 2023 Per Svedin_annaohlund


150km Junior – Selina Kangas, Finland – Full results 150km Limited – Zbynek Hruska, Czech Republic – Full results
300km Limited – Sebastian Kamp, Sweden – Full results 300km Open – Helga Ringbakken, Norway – Full results


2020 / 2021

Race was cancelled due to COVID-19.


Race was cancelled.



160km – Gaynor Leeper Gondova – Full results 320km – Kent-Gjøran Svendsen – Full results
160km Best Dog Care – Magnus Helstrøm 320km Best Dog Care – Charlotta Olsson Pettersson




180km – Milos Gonda – Full results 340km – Linda Ahnlund – Full results 90km Junior – Klara Fjellborg – Full results
Best Dog Care – Fabio Berlusconi




320km limited class – Taisto Thorneus – Full results 320km open class – Marco Wyss – Full results
Best Dog Care – Marco Wyss Best Rookie – Riku Setä




300km limited class – Kent-Gjøran Svendsen  300km open class – Taisto Thorneus